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Terms of use

Terms of use of Volvo genuine new car parts online store www.oemscan.co.uk
  1. www.oemscan.co.uk (continued Website) is an electronic online store for Volvo genuine new car parts that allows you to search and buy genuine new Volvo car parts.
  2. All copyrights of the Website are owned by AV AUTOPARTS LTD (continued as Seller), company ID: 11640035, ADDRESS: 97 Ridgeway, Drive Bromley, London BR1 5DB, United Kingdom, registered in the Register of Legal Entities of the United Kingdom.
  3. The seller sells only genuine new Volvo car parts.
  4. The seller has the right to change the terms of use of the Website, the range of services, goods offered and their charges. Users' use of the website after changes automatically constitutes their acceptance of the revised Terms of Use.
General conditions
  1. All users of the Website expressly agree to and are bound by all of these Terms of Use. Persons who do not accept all or part of the terms of use should not use and navigate the www.oemscan.co.uk website.
  2. All persons and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as Users) can browse, view and purchase the products offered on the Website. Visitors, both registered and unregistered, are designated users of the Website.
  3. All persons and legal entities (continued as - Buyers) can purchase the offered products from the Website. Buyers are both registered and unregistered website visitors.
  4. These terms of use define the general terms and conditions of sales and purchase contracts concluded on the Website and are an integral part of these contracts.
Registration at www.oemscan.co.uk
  1. To facilitate the use of the website, the User can create a personal account on the Website by filling out the electronic registration form.
  2. The Seller has the right to suspend or terminate the registration, block the User's profile and refuse to provide services to the User if he provides incorrect or inaccurate information or if the Seller has reason to believe that this has been done.
  3. Users are responsible for the security of their credentials and all their actions.
Buyer and user rights
  1. The buyer has the right to purchase the products from the Website in accordance with the procedure defined in these terms of use.
  2. The buyer has the right to cancel the order in accordance with these terms of use.
  3. The buyer has the right to exchange or return the purchased goods as described in these terms of use.
  4. The buyer has other rights mentioned in these terms of use, the privacy statement and legislation.
  5. The user has the right to access his personal data processed by the seller.
  6. The user has the right to demand the correction of his personal data.
  7. The user has other rights mentioned in these terms of use, the privacy statement and legislation.
Responsibilities of the user, buyer and seller
  1. In accordance with these terms of use, the user must:
    1. Not transfer the Website user account or its login information to third parties.
    2. Not take any actions that could endanger the security of the Website and its database.
    3. Not resell products purchased from the Website or copy Website Services.
  2. In accordance with these terms of use, the buyer must:
    1. Fulfil its obligations, comply with these terms of use and comply with laws.
    2. Not to use the Website if the User is not an adult of legal capacity, who has full authority and rights to make and carry out transactions and whose legal capacity is limited by a court.
    3. Not violate any law, third party rights or website terms of use.
    4. Before purchasing the product, carefully read all information about the product for sale, its final price and the fees that make up it.
    5. Pay a fixed amount for the purchased product on time.
    6. Fulfils other obligations imposed on the Buyer in the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other regulations of this Website.
  3. In accordance with these terms of use, the Seller must:
    1. Sell only legally purchased, high quality and similar products.
    2. Response to defects in the quality of the goods.
    3. Perform other obligations set for the Seller in the terms of use, privacy policy and other regulations of this Website.
Ordering procedures, terms of the purchase and sale agreement
  1. When ordering products from the Website, the Buyer must provide the personal information necessary for the proper execution of the order.
  2. Products on the website can be ordered by registered and unregistered buyers.
  3. A purchase-sale contract is created between the Seller and the Buyer, when the buyer, after selecting the product to be purchased and adding it to the shopping cart, completes all the order steps, the last of which is product selection and confirmation of payment method.
  4. Each sale and purchase agreement is registered and stored in the website's database.
Volvo manufacturer warranty
  1. If purchased car part was installed into the car and it does not work properly, customer cannot remove it from the car. Removed car part will not be covered by Volvo warranty and no money return or car part replacement will be made. Customer must contact us by email [email protected] Our team will guide through Volvo warranty procedures:
    1. Customer must book his car into the nearest Volvo dealer car service, let us know the Dealers address and booking time. Our team will send all necessary warranty documents to this Volvo dealer.
    2. Volvo dealer will inspect customers car and purchased car part. If part broken or has faults because of Volvo manufacturer defect, dealer will order a new part and replace it for free. But if the car part was broken or has faults because of other faulty parts in the car, customer will need to pay for inspection and if he agrees for new part and replacement of it.
    3. Customers car Chassis/VIN number must be entered into the billing details of the ordered car part at the time of purchase, that it could be covered by Volvo manufacturer warranty. If customer haven’t entered his car Chassis/VIN number when ordering it, the part is not covered by Volvo manufacturer warranty and no refunds or compensations for the part will be paid in case it has.
  1. When buying products from the Website, the Buyer can pay in one of the following ways of our bank Stripe.
  2. Stripe bank payment methods offered by the payment system.
Seller's rights and obligations
  1. The seller undertakes:
    1. Enables the User to use the services offered by the Website in a safe and high-quality manner.
    2. Process the User's personal data only in accordance with the Rules, the privacy policy and regulations.
    3. Deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer and accept the goods returned by the Buyer in accordance with the terms of the Terms of Use and Return policy.
  2. The service provider has the right to:
    1. Change or introduce new invoicing and delivery methods and new payments by notifying the User at least 30 days before the changes.
    2. Change the terms of use of the Website, the range of services offered and their charges. Users' use of the Website after any changes automatically constitutes their acceptance of the revised Terms of Use.
    3. Does not accept goods returned by the Buyer if the Buyer does not follow the goods return procedure defined in the Terms of Use, Return Policy.
Return Policy
  1. The website applies a money back guarantee on all products for 14 days from the date of delivery according our Return policy.
  2. All Buyers must contact us by e-mail [email protected] before returning the order. They will receive a return code and return address by e-mail.
  3. Returned packages without the ID number provided by the Seller will not be accepted.
  4. Undamaged and unpacked goods will be returned or exchanged upon the purchase receipt and written request of the Buyer.
  5. When returning goods, the buyer must:
    1. Return the product in its original, proper packaging in the same form and condition.
    2. Deliver the goods via courier service.
  6. The buyer is responsible if the item is damaged in the return process.
  7. The Seller has the right not to accept the products returned by the Buyer if the Buyer does not comply with the product return procedure set out in the Terms of Use, Return Policy.
  8. The refund guarantee does not cover costs that exceed the total amount of a given order and delivery.
  9. After the 14-day return period, car parts cannot be returned for any reason and money will not be returned to customers.
Shipping policy
  1. Products ordered from the website are delivered to the Buyer's address via DHL courier or other UK courier company.
  2. Delivery of order is according to Website Delivery Policy.
  3. Delivery service to the buyer's home:
    1. The buyer undertakes to provide the exact delivery address of the goods.
    2. The goods are delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer within a certain number of working days after receiving the payment.
    3. On the day of delivery, courier contacts the buyer using the indicated phone number or email.
    4. Delivery prices for large car parts (e.g. hood, door, bumper, rims, etc.) are calculated individually. The buyer must provide us with the part number and delivery address of the car part to our e-mail [email protected], and he will receive an estimated delivery price and delivery time.
  4. Delivery of goods abroad.
  5. Delivery to islands and other hard-to-reach areas (like post codes starting with letters BT HS IM ZE IV KW ) have an additional delivery charge.
  6. After receiving or inspecting the shipment, the buyer must immediately notify the courier about any damages of the package and request a report on the package damage in transportation.
Protection of personal data
  1. The Seller processes personal information provided by the User on the Website, which is necessary for the proper provision of the Services.
  2. The contractor does not disclose personal data to third parties without a legal basis.
  3. The User has the right to access the personal data processed by the Seller and request their correction.
Use of cookies
  1. Cookies are small text documents with a unique identification number that are transmitted from the website to the visitor's hard drive, so that the website administrator can distinguish the visitor's computer and its activity on the Internet, which helps the Service Provider to improve its services. Cookies make it easier to navigate to a web page you have already visited and simplify access to the information you send, but they cannot collect information from your computer or files.
  2. Cookies on the website are used transparently and responsibly. Users can see which cookies are being used in their browser and withdraw their consent to the use of cookies.
Protection of intellectual property rights
  1. All rights to the Website and the works and creations located there are protected by the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom. Reproduction of texts, photos, logos, banners and all other features of the design for commercial or otherwise infringing legitimate interests is strictly prohibited.
Copyright, Trademark and Intellectual Property usage Terms
  1. Use of copyrighted material, including images and brands, in this Website is solely intended to identify their respective manufacturers.
  2. All used trademarks in this Website are the property of their respective owners. Seller declares no connection, endorsement, or affiliation with car manufacturers whose products are being offered in this Website.
  3. Car parts catalogs and diagrams in this Website are provided to the Seller by company PayPro Europe Limited, https://catalogs-parts.com VAT ID: GB247832876 Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square London W1J 6BD United Kingdom Email [email protected], Telephone (toll free): +1-888-317-4868, Telephone (international): +1-647-977-7769 (further as Catalogs supplier)
    1. Catalogs supplier is directly responsible for their parts catalog content, trademarks, copyrights or intellectual property related to the catalog. All legal claims, complaints and other inquiries related to these catalogs must be sent directly to the Catalogs Supplier.
    2. Seller has no access to affect, adjust, revise or change any content of the catalogs supplied by Catalogs supplier. All legal claims, complaints, catalogs defects, errors and other inquiries related to these catalogs must be sent directly to the Catalogs Supplier.
Final Terms
  1. The implementation and interpretation of these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.
  2. All disagreements arising from the implementation of these terms of use will be resolved through negotiations.
  3. In the event of a disagreement, the disagreements are resolved in accordance with the procedure stipulated in the legislation.